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    About us

    The Office in St. Petersburg became the foundation for launching ALT SYSTEMS, the Group of Companies, and its new divisions, as well as for developing new areas of activities.

    Fairness and transparency are the principles, based on which our Company has been building its activities for almost twenty years now. You can't impress a customer with a well-organised freight forwarding alone, which is why every time we strive to delight our customers with a serious and responsible approach to our work.

    Perseverance in our work, highly qualified employees, attention to details – all this helps us to expand our clientele successfully, and proves we are a reliable and professional partner.

    Contact us if you have any freight forwarding task – we won't let you down!

    Our services
    Sea Freight Shipping
    • Contracts with all shipping lines and terminals in the Port of St Petersburg;
    • Continuous monitoring of the container freight market;
    • Ro-Ro shipments, shiploads, consolidated shipments;
    • Liquid cargo handling;
    • Transportation of oversized, sensitive and hazardous cargo;
    • Selection of required goods in China and Turkey;
    • On-site inspections;
    • Photo/video recording of loading operations, traffic monitoring;
    • Arrangements for the delivery and sale of the goods on the territory of the Russian Federation.
    Intra-port Forwarding
    • The office located nearby the port of St. Petersburg;
    • Own unit in the port;
    • Handling hazardous, overweighted, oversized and sensitive cargos;
    • Permits to access all areas in the port of St. Petersburg;
    • Permits for carriage of sensitive freights;
    • Handling of all types of dangerous goods, including explosives and toxic substances;
    • Liaising with the port authority, terminal security services, Federal Security Service (FSB), maritime transport police and police departments in Russia;
    • Liaising with the Russian Consumer Rights Protection Authority;
    • Conducting radiological examination of cargos with elevated degree of radiation;
    • Knowledge of the intricacies of quarantine and veterinary cargo handling;
    • Direct contract with the National Laboratory.
    • Direct contract with the Certification Centre;
    • Certificates and declarations of conformity in accordance with technical regulations of the Customs Union;
    • Certificates and declarations of conformity of products to the technical regulations on fire safety;
    • Certificates and declarations of conformity to the Russian national standard (GOST);
    • Obtaining a state registration certificate;
    • Handling documents of the Federal Technical and Export Control Service (FSTEK): conclusion, licence, authorisation of the Export Control (EKSKONT).
    Road Freight
    • Freight transport on the territory of the RF - from partial and complete loads to oversized and overweighted cargos;
    • Europe, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries;
    • Daily monitoring of vehicle traffic;
    • Freight carriage from China as a part of consolidated cargo or in separate vehicles;
    • All types of dangerous goods, including explosives and toxic substances;
    • Arrangements for freight escort.
    Insurance, Safety and Warranties
    • Contacting only reputable insurance companies;
    • International freight forwarders' liability insurance policy;
    • Membership of the International Carriers’ Association (WCA);
    • Excellent professional reputation, good customer feedback and references;
    • Certificate of compliance with GOST R ISO 9001:2015.
    Warehousing Services
    • Warehouse facilities in Novolisino village, Tosno district;
    • Convenient location (10 minutes away from Moscow Highway, 37 km away from St. Petersburg);
    • Liable storage services;
    • 24-hour security;
    • Indoor heated warehouses;
    • Control of temperature and humidity;
    • Outdoor asphalted parking;
    • Low cost.
    Customs Procedures
    • Customs broker licence;
    • Clearance at all Russian customs posts;
    • Customs inspections with our representative at all terminals in the port of St. Petersburg;
    • Advising on the correct codes of the Nomenclature of the Goods of Foreign Economic Activity (TNVED), and attribution thereof;
    • Professional legal assistance;
    • 20 years of experience in domestic customs transit clearance;
    • Cooperating directly with all customs operators in the Republic of Belarus;
    • Customs clearance in Customs Union countries.
    Air Freight
    • Cooperating directly with airlines and airline agents;
    • Professional handling of transport documents;
    • Transport of dangerous and overweighted goods.
    Rail Freight
    • Container and wagonload shipments, groupage cargoes as part of a consolidated container;
    • Capability of shipping or receiving large consignments (average wagon capacity 68 tonnes);
    • Direct shipping from China to Russia.
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    Our advantages
    High quality service
    • Highly qualified employees with extensive work experience;
    • Average number of years of employment in the company - more than 5 years;
    • Most professionals have a university degree;
    • We guarantee a professional approach to work;
    • Services 24/7;
    • High level of financial literacy.
    The one-stop-shop principle
    • Tailored customer service;
    • All information about the cargo at any stage of the carriage via a personal manager;
    • All logistics and customs services, certification of any complexity - all in one hand.
    Fixed service prices
    • Guaranteeing a fixed agreed price and transparent pricing;
    • We avoid any "pitfalls" in our work and discuss all nuances in advance.
    ALT Logistic Ltd.
    198035, Russian Federation, St.Petersburg, ul. Dvinskaia d. 8, korp. 3